Social Impact Investing with Joe Blair

Season 1, Episode 47 | Eugene Leventhal

Welcome to this week’s episode of Heinz Radio. Around a year ago Joe came to visit campus and we met at an event where he was speaking. At the time, Joe was working as a Vice President at Obvious Ventures, which is a venture capital firm that focuses on, as they call it, world positive venture capital. 

Given Joe’s focus on social impact investing, we talked about some of the potential tensions between investment goals and unintended consequences of rushing out products. We also touched on the links between policy and regulation and Joe talked about his views on the offensive and defensive approaches that policy makers are able to take. We wrap up the episode talking about Joe’s own podcast, called the Epic Human Podcast, and what inspired him to start that. 

Just a heads up – we recorded this conversation over Skype and there were some minor connectivity issues at random times, but I think all of Joe’s point make it across clearly. 

This is a good conversation for anyone interested in social impact investing and I hope you enjoy the interview.