Policy through an Understanding of Data, Systems, and Experiences: A Season 1 Recap

Season 1, Episode 41 | Matthew Fochs

In this week’s episode, we take a walk down memory lane and revisit 12 of the 40 episodes published in the inaugural season of the podcast. Come along with host Matthew Fochs as he explores some of the underlying themes that have popped up each week despite the diverse background and interests of our guests.

To listen to the entire episode for any of the highlights mentioned, please click the links below:

  1. Healthcare & Economics with Martin Gaynor
  2. Geography and Data with Kristen Kurland
  3. Arts and Culture with Regina Smith
  4. Social Innovation with Tim Zak
  5. Modeling and Marijuana Legalization with Jon Caulkins
  6. Designing and Having Difficult Conversations with Michael Arnold Mages
  7. AI, Architecture, and Ethics with Molly Wright Steenson
  8. AI in Law Enforcement and Human Trafficking with Emily Kennedy
  9. Talking About Race with Ijeoma Oluo (Part 1)
  10. Data Analytics and Social Justice with Samuel Singyangwe
  11. A Roundtable Discussion on Institutional Racism and How Students Can Fight for Diversity with Khalil Muhammad
  12. AI, Ethics, and Regulation with David Danks

Thank you all for listening and we are excited to bring you more new episodes over the summer months along with a few republished episodes that we think you may want to revisit!