Heinz Journal Submission Guidelines


The Heinz Journal is published biannually, in the Fall and Spring each year. The most appropriate submissions are those that draw a direct link between analysis and theory and policy implementation or management practices and that depict research in a manner approachable by educated professionals.

Students, academicians, practitioners, and any other interested parties are encouraged to contribute to the Heinz Journal. While the majority of issues published will reflect a variety of topics, selected issues will be thematic in nature, analyzing trends in policy, management, and technology under a defined focus. All submissions must meet the standards of scholarship held by the H. John Heinz III College to be considered for publication.

The views expressed in the published work do not necessarily represent the views of the Heinz College, its faculty nor the staff.

Content & Format Guidelines

The following guidelines should be followed strictly to increase the likelihood of a successful submission being accepted for our editing process and publication:

  • Articles must contain graduate-level research and writing. Submissions are accepted from students of any discipline, alumni and professionals. Co-authorship is welcome and encouraged.
  • Articles are selected for originalityrelevance, and readability.
  • Policy analysis pieces between 4,000-10,000 words in length are welcome, but length is not a condition for selection.
  • Articles must include an abstract and must have proper Chicago-style citations with endnotes. The titles of graphs, tables, etc. must be in an editable format.
  • Articles must be in .doc or .docx format. We do not accept PDFs or any other format.
  • The Heinz Journal intends to provide constructive feedback on both style and content to authors. Authors are expected to work with Journal editors to edit, revise, add to, or otherwise change the piece to improve its quality inasmuch as the schedule allows.
  • IMPORTANT: Though we accept submissions from authors of many disciplines, we expect that the content explores the ways in which the particular arena (law, economics, security, health, etc.) intersects with public policy.
  • The author must inform the editorial staff if any manuscript content has already been published or is under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  • Please indicate in your submission your university affiliation.

Authors will be asked to sign a transfer of copyright to Carnegie Mellon University to protect the author and the Heinz Journal from copyright infringement.

Send submissions to heinz-journal@andrew.cmu.edu.