Volume 15, Issue 1, Spring 2017
Topics Include: Trade Between India and Pakistan, Fiscal Decentralization in Ghana, The Russian Annexation of Crimea, Locavorism, The Private Sector and Climate Change


Volume 11, Issue 2, September
Topics Include: Quds Force, Natural Gas Drilling Severance Taxes, U.S.-Russian Relations, Disclosure of Donors to Political Organizations, Economic Growth Outbreaks, Children’s Health
Volume 11, Issue 1, February
Topics Include: BitCoin, Overeducation affecting Tanzanian Labor, Measuring the Federal Debt, Cyber Warfare


Volume 10, Issue 2, May
Topics Include: Surplus Vehicle Disposal, Climate Change Mitigation Policies, Millennium Development Goals and Poverty Reduction, Children in Same-Sex Families
Volume 10, Issue 1, January
Topics Include: Education Gender Gap in Pakistan, Climate Change Policy, Food Security in Latin America, Cuba Today


Volume 9, Issue 2, May
Topics Include: Bank Consolidation, Terrorism, Flood Insurance, USAID, Network Externalities and Tipping Points
Volume 9, Issue 1, January
Topics Include: A Country Clustering Approach to Internet Marketing, College Students and Means-Tested Welfare Programs, Obesity, Amish Economic Effects, Broadband ISP Markets, and Globalization and Ciudad Juarez


Volume 8, Issue 4, September
Topics Include: Non-Governmental Organizations, Cash-For-Work Programs, Food-For-Education Programs, Food-For-Work Programs, Conditional Cash Transfers

Volume 8, Issue 3, March
Topics Include: Labor Dynamics, Education, Climate Change, Solar Technology


Volume 8, Issue 2, December
Topics Include: Partisanship, Rural Poverty, Gender and Policy, Education

Volume 8, Issue 1, October
Topics Include: Micro Health Insurance Model, Industrialization of Seoul, Pakistan Food Security


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