Heinz Journal, Volume 15, Issue 1


The Heinz Journal, Volume 15, Issue 1  |  Spring 2017

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Included in this issue:

Opening Borders Between India and Pakistan: Developing Trade and Increasing Economic Interdependence to Ensure Sustainable Development and Peace
Tahir Habib Cheema

Need for Strengthened Fiscal Decentralization as a Tool for More Equitable and Balanced Urban Development in Ghana
Deme Yoo

How the Kremlin Justifies Its Engagement with Its Periphery: The Russian Annexation of Crimea
Courtney Kayser

Achieving Sustainable Food Production: Assessing the Viability of “Eating Local” as National Policy
David Guyott, Qinqi Dai, and Shinai He

Role of Private Sector in Climate Change Adaptation
Naila Rafique