Diversity and Racism: Domestic and International Perspectives


At Heinz, diversity is not the exception but the rule.  On several occasions we celebrate our diversity from hosting various cultural events,sampling foods, and bringing speakers from around the world.  However, how many times do we stop to evaluate the purpose of diversity and its importance globally and domestically? We want your opinions regarding diversity and racism- Heinz as a lot of perspectives to offer!

This week’s Heinz Forum, co-hosted by BGSO, in honor of Black History Month,  will dissect diversity and racism from an international and domestic perspective.  We want to know whether society is doing enough or too much to foster diversity and combat racism.


How do you define racism?
Is racism solely based on color?
Is there actually a place without racism?
Can victims of racism be racist themselves?
Here are some links to get the wheels turning:

*Special to this forum*
Forum will be co-hosted by a member of BGSO.
BGSO is the Black Graduate Student Organization whose mission is to: (1) support graduate students of color professionally, academically, and culturally; (2) foster the development of relationships within CMU and the broader community; (3) and engage students in service opportunities in the broader community.


Come join us for the second Heinz Forum of the semester

When: Thursday, February 7, 8:30-9:30 PM
Where: HBH 1502


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