Call for Submissions to the 2015 Summer Edition


The Heinz Journal is excited to announce our Call for Submissions for the 2015 Summer edition. If you or your team have a policy analysis paper that you’re proud of, and want to share your work with a wider audience, submitting your paper toThe Heinz Journal is an excellent opportunity to gain both recognition and exposure.

Submissions should be emailed in .doc or .docx format to Please refrain from using a PDF-to-Word converter if you do not have access to a .doc/.docx file as this provides difficult formatting glitches.

We will notify you if your submission was selected for the editing phase and eventual publication. You will then work with a team of editors, collaborating on improving every aspect of your submission in preparations for publication.

Please click on the link to the PDF flyer below for information regarding who we are and basic guidelines for submissions. For more detailed information on submitting your paper, please visit ourĀ Submission Guidelines page. We highly encourage you to study these guidelines as they are the initial requirements necessary to secure successful submission and screening.

2015 SUMMER Solicitation

  • Rebecca Shah

    Given the class, I expect you're getting some information about a story accommodation to a distributor. Assuming this is the case, then the appropriate response is no. The call for entries will reveal to you how to submit and will incorporate a specifics they may need a cover. Most require minimal other than a cover page with your contact data and the title of the piece you are submitting.