“OBAMACARE”: What does it mean and what will it do?


Now that the Supreme Court has ruled and President Obama has been reelected, the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”) no longer faces threat of repeal. The law will be implemented fully over the next several years, extending health insurance to millions of currently uninsured Americans while reforming the country’s healthcare delivery system. Though many questions remain, the Affordable Care Act represents the largest expansion of the social safety net in a generation, finally attempting to provide universal health coverage for all Americans. Now that the law is here to stay (for the most part), we can examine not just how it will work as public policy but also what it means as a piece of social legislation.

Are we witnessing a fundamental redefinition of our social contract or something less dramatic? What does the Affordable Care Act say about our values as a society and our expectations of our government? Is any of this even going to work the way it’s supposed to? We’ll probably spend the next few years debating these questions, but we can start this Thursday!


Here are some articles to get you thinking:

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Kaiser Family Foundation: Focus on Health Reform (Kaiser Family Foundation)

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Affordable Care Cat (ACA)

What are your thoughts, opinions, and questions about what is going on in the world today?


Come discuss with us this THURSDAY!

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